Friday, March 6, 2020

SALSA VERDE RECIPE [Step-by-Step] Salsa Verde



welcome back to my BEST BLOG so when does it officially summer outside it's super hot the sleeves are rolled up against the well done cooking but it is nice outside the only one if you wish to find the pool with some chips and hand and we're gonna make such a good salsa and i making homemade salsa ever since i can remember and it's still much better than the store bought and to be making one of my favorites when the making

 salsa verde so this is a really interesting this is called to this beautiful conflict and green under like tomato but it's not tomato in a lot of people confuse that so over here i had a full of it these tomatoes ever gonna put it to a you shit with a little bit of oil just so nothing sticks and let's put this on today and when he gets home to sometimes there will be a lot of blemishes on its own when i do not dislike that's why just okay set the volume to where you see a little abs don't want those then over here is some really little jalapeno without ever seeing these was but they're here we are hoping it would have to do anything to hurt him create on there then over here waiting grab an onion and cut off the charts of onion cut in half and i want to remove the skin contact you orders or its over here as you can see we had a talk to rose or onions and jalapeno poppers and garbage on the boiler setting 

salsa verde recipe  nice one get the supercharged tons of amazing flavor article published in the oven so i was now cooking off the broiler and let it dry out i want tortillas it is order what the average cost me to fry up fully have over here are some plain old corn tortillas you can use flour tortillas if you have those because it down that flies like that and cut me to the house into three large skip though that's perfect and out over here on my stovetop i had a freind shallow fridays you can use it if you have one but class and less oil so let's get the oil and there won't get nice and hot when your self it'll really need to check the temperature just until it starts this is old but ideally u wana be flying around three hundred fifty degrees fahrenheit   REI just got this for the boiler and looking all nice char on top and it's gonna fill up with so much amazing flavor okay over here i had a




hello and welcome to my BEST BLOG 😁 show you how i make sense of everything if you guys are salsa verde recipe interested in a quick easy recipe and delicious please keep watching no hey boiling water working at my to the sun is also a very forgiving salsa verde recipe to where you can add from ten to twenty deals with half a bunch of cilantro and you still get a really good flavor cuz you note it said that the order will always wear in size let's see what the leslie really pick the same size um never gonna add you can get a ful on your half i'm going with half you wanna boil 

salsa verde your set i know (Indecipherable or mute audio) rakshith an action everybody is ready cuz i'm ready okay i will darth the web open other ingredients for ten minutes now it's time to go ahead and fish them out salsa verde okay i said fishing cuz i'm actually in the mood to go fishing i need to get out to get outdoors i'm such a hypocrite guys but i like fishing but i like to hold the fish when you're healed the hook actual really bad which i'm salsa verde recipe gonna have to handle my business u big boiiiii oh my gosh don't get me started on that story cloud was wild okay you gonna fish out your your i want you wanna do you just wanna cut the stamp okay i'm not doing anything to france everything is 

SALSA VERDE RECIPE  my spawn has a soft enough to support right and you can add your cilantro and i know some of you disliked about you enjoy this without the cilantro is gonna be very very different bae can still do it i mean if we start off with juice of one lime we don't have line you can you lemon love lemons okay tell me to get here salsa verde the lender so i have about half a teaspoon of salt i'm gonna start with that that way because when do the things you noticed with the sites having is that after it sets for awhile the spicy ness dimensions a little bit and also the salt and has to be